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September 15, 2008


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Don‘t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.


Before night, I almost awake at night, thinking of the http://www.nflorjerseys.com people in the mountain, we think the people outside the mountains, I do not know why tears fall down unexpectedly, think http://www.flirtlancelsac.com of mountain and those living scene of debauchery, the people who lead a gay one's fling, arrogance, hubris to the limits of the police, who carry the bureaucratic banner everywhere receiving bribery corrupt officials in talk with eloquence excessive drinking, eat when, who, will think of those who still like a snail crawling in the mountain road mountain? Who, think of those still in the wind, back home can not wait for the police? Who, think of http://www.lancelbagfr.com those still in the mountains to live near the ancient and primitive life of the people? Who, will think of ... ...

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He points to the "plastic vortex," the floating collection of trash in the Pacific

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Que penser de cet article qui ma litteralement scotchez ... royale ?

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