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November 13, 2006


Debbie Townsend

My mother, 71, is currently dealing with 4th stage terminal breast cancer, lives alone (which she prefers), is on a limited fixed income and travels from St. Thomas to London for treatment. Two years ago I retired from work to look after her needs full-time. My household is also on a fixed income of CPP Disability and ODSP. We moved from Strathroy to Aylmer to be closer to my mother and cut down on fuel costs.
My mother is having a sleeve put on her arm to help with swelling which needs to be put on in the a.m. and taken off in the p.m. seven days per week.
My mother refuses to allow any health care workers in her home, stating that she would go to a nursing home first. Not sure why she doesn't want them there. Since she looked after her mother single handed I believe that it is my duty to look after her until her death. I have another sibling that will help on two days a week as she works full-time and lives three hours away.
My question is this...due to increased fuel costs associated with the travel to LHCS and twice daily from Aylmer to St. Thomas is there any funding available to offset these costs. It is not an option for me to try and work part-time and be a caregiver full-time. I am 54 years of age (which would limit my job options, not in the best health myself and very much afraid that I will not be able to maintain my own home with the increased costs.

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