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October 18, 2005



I was told that we can donate directly to people when we have things we wnat to get rid of. Of course people for people in need. how this is suppose to work?


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Can you elaborate more please? what are InformCalgary/InformAlberta database etc? I recently opened a movie database site and am looking for partnerships. It's a really cool site that includes a comment system which allows you to comment about movies, actors etc.


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Thanks for providing the contact information about the Calgary, I would like to contact them before I donate people who are suffering. This database works, Thanks for such a valuable post!


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Can you elaborate more please? what are InformCalgary/InformAlberta database etc? I recently opened a movie database site and am looking for partnerships. It's a really cool site that includes a comment system which allows you to comment about movies, actors etc.


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